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How to update your board video tutorial:

With this program you check the current software installed to your board, install the newest version of your board software, and can also be used to view and edit parameters on your board.

Current software versions:

Autococker Software v3.1

2k2 Intimidator Software v3.1

2k5 Intimidator Software v3.1

Torque Software v3.1

SFT/NXT Shocker Software v3.1

Shoebox Shocker Software v3.1

Impulse Software v3.1
Excalibur/Viking Software v3.1
E-Mag Software v3.1

What you need:

  1. Your Sci-Fi Board

  2. Download installer from link above.

  3. Mini-B type USB cable.  You probably have one.

  4. PC computer running Windows with internet.


  1. Download installer from link above.

  2. Disconnect your battery.

  3. Connect the board to your PC with a USB cable.

  4. Follow the directions on the installer program.
    (Autococker Beta1 & Beta2 have special instructions)

Autococker Beta 1 & Beta2 Updates:

  1. The follow the instructions above, but be sure to boot the board DIRECTLY to Menu Mode.

  2. You can boot to Menu Mode in a by holding the trigger or the center button while the board boots.  The White LED will come on right after the board boots up.

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